Homezones — NW Greenways


A Homezone is an area that is protected from lots of fast moving traffic so that streets are safe enough to walk on. Homezones keep local access for residents, emergency access, and deliveries while discouraging cut-through traffic. Homezones can use a variety of design improvements such as diverters, speed humps, and other elements, but focus on improvements that have the best “bang for our buck”, recognizing that Seattle’s pedestrian budget is stretched very thin. In essence, Homezones direct thru-traffic to arterial streets that surround a neighborhood, while allowing local traffic within a neighborhood. Read more on the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways website.

A diagram showing strategic interventions that will re-route cut-through traffic to arterial streets

Strategic interventions will re-route traffic to arterial streets.

Considering the fact that many neighborhoods in Northwest Seattle do not have sidewalks, it is imperative that we calm the traffic on our streets. Rather than address the issue street by street, NW Greenways supports efforts to create traffic-calmed neighborhoods.